Most Recent Genetics Articles.

  • QPM: a new kind of maize for ameliorating protein malnutrition

    Cereal proteins are deficient in essential amino acids such as lysine and tryptophan. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a genetic enhancement strategy in which essential amino acids are either incorporated or increased in cereal grain proteins.

    By: Deepak Pawar
  • Principal Component Analysis in Crop Breeding

    In plant breeding one of the important approaches is hybridization followed by selection. Appropriate parents selection is essential to enhance the genetic recombination for potential yield increase. In order to characterize and assess germplasm diversity principal component analysis (PCA) is one of the best statistical tools. The PCA is a multivariate statistical technique attempt to simplify and analyze the inter-relationship among a large set of variables in term of a relatively a small set of variables or components without losing any essential information of original data set. And each component explained per cent (%) variation to the total variability. Thus, it is useful to proceed for genetic improvement of important traits rather than going for all the characters under study.

    By: Santanu Das
  • Marker Assisted Selection

    Information about marker assisted selection their requirement, advantages, disadvantages etc.

    By: Manisha saini
  • Phloem mobile RNAs as systamic signaling agent

    Origin and role of Phloem mobile RNAs in various plant function

    By: Manisha saini
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